AI姿勢分析アプリ ボディアライメント AI姿勢分析アプリ BODY Alignmet (ボディアライメント)

Notation regarding the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

■Business Name

Naradewa Inc.


Takuya Otsuka

■Registered company address and business address

CENTER PLACE Denmacho 5F, 1-6 Denmacho, Utsunomiya, Tochigi

■Telephone number


■E-mail address

■Fees and Term of Use

Displayed for each plan

■Fees other than the product price

Fees for equipment used to use the services provided by the Company, Internet connection fees, and packet communication fees.

■Time of delivery

At the time of application acceptance

■Payment method

Payment method designated by the Company among telecommunication carriers, credit card companies, settlement agents, and platforms such as App Store and Google Play that are available at the time of application for a paid plan.

■Time of payment

Telecommunications carriers: In accordance with the terms and conditions of each telecommunications company.
Credit card: Based on the terms and conditions of the credit card company.
Payment by settlement agency: Please make payment by the due date in accordance with the terms and conditions of the settlement agency.

■Payment period

Indicated for each plan


You can cancel at any time at your discretion.
You cannot cancel from the application. Please note that you cannot cancel from the app.
Please go to [Settings] > [Apple ID] > [Subscription] > [Body Alignment] on your device and stop payment.
Deleting (uninstalling) this application from your device will not automatically stop your billing.
After the subscription cancellation procedure is completed on the device, payment will continue until the billing deadline of the month that includes the cancellation date.
As stated in the Terms of Service, we will not refund the subscription fee already paid even if you cancel your subscription before the end of the month for each plan.

■Number of free measurements possible

You can take up to 3 free measurements for the first time using this application.
Thereafter, the number of free measurements will be used in priority to the number of free plan measurements.

■Supported models

A device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) running the applicable service is required. Please check the official website of each application or the page of the store where you downloaded the application for the system requirements.


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